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Hybrid Events with Grandmaster Mantak Chia

>> Smiling to oneself is like basking in love, and love can repair and rejuvenate. <<

Awaken your healing light

Fri May 3rd, 2024, 6.30-9:30 PM

Frankfurter Ring Formen

Let yourself be introduced to the fascinating world of Taoism by the powerful charisma and profound wisdom of a living Tao master of our time! 

The highlight of the evening is an energy transmission of the healing, ultraviolet light of Grand Master Mantak Chia. The ultraviolet light penetrates the entire universe in waves like a net. Invisible to the human eye, it could only be made visible in the apparent emptiness of the cosmos with the help of the most modern methods.
The ancient Taoist masters were already aware of this. Thousands of years ago, in deep contemplation, they were able to grasp countless manifestations of chi. Ultraviolet light has its own intelligence and wisdom that permeates everything, it can be programmed and has the highest healing power.

Grand Master Chia also introduces you to the teachings of the ancient Taoist masters in a gentle and humorous way, highlighting parallels with the latest scientific findings.

You will learn why emotions are understood as forms of energy in Taoism and are an expression of the quality of our internal organs. (For example, worry and concern are the natural expression of our spleen, anger and jealousy are typical manifestations of our liver chi).

Universal Healing Tao

Sat | May 4th, 2024 9.30 am - 5.30 pm
Sun | May 5th, 2024 9.30 am - 5.30 pm

Frankfurter Ring Formen

Master Mantak Chia teaches the Universal Healing Tao basic techniques for more life force, inner balance and harmony.

You learn: 

With many powerful exercises for you to continue also at home and energy transfer of Master Mantak Chia!

Tan Tien Chi Kung

Mon | May 6th, 2024 9.30 am - 5.00 pm
Tue | May 7th, 2024 9.30 am - 5.00 pm

Frankfurter Ring Formen

Tan Tien Chi Kung is the art of accumulating and storing chi in the lower Tan Tien, the energetic center of the human being. In Taoist practice, attention is focused on this region to combine vitality and the invigorating spirit. Ancient Taoists first learned Tan Tien Chi Kung, then were able to move enough chi in the body to practice Tai Chi Chi Kung, Iron Shirt Chi Kung and meditation practice.

Healing, according to traditional teachings, is to be done by working with the chi, which is to be brought back into flow and nourished to restore balance. 

Increasing the chi pressure in our Tan Tien strengthens our health and improves our healing as well as our results in Tai Chi, meditation and the “art of daily living”.

The Tan Tien is both the largest generator and storehouse of chi energy in the body and the center of our consciousness.

We learn to accept and embrace ourselves and the world around us. It helps us to understand our negative energies as intermediate waste that we can recycle and reuse as raw material for our positive energies.

This recycling process strengthens our inner power, so that the pressure from outside also decreases and we come more and more into balance. As a result, we feel better, our lower Tan Tien is decompressed, which is considered in all texts as the most important technical condition for maintaining Chi pressure.

Golden Elixir Qigong

Wed | May 8th, 2024 9.30 am - 5.00 pm
Thu | May 9th, 2024 9.30 am - 5.00 pm

Frankfurter Ring Formen

The Pearl of the Dragon

In the Taoist tradition, the Elixir Qigong was considered one of the last secrets that a master passes on to his students before he dies. Grandmaster Mantak Chia makes this precious knowledge without restrictions public.

In summary, one can say that one’s own humors are energized by alchemical actions with chi. One transforms one’s own humors in an unsearched but extremely effective way. The Elixir Chi Kung is part of the shamanistic traditions and belongs to the Cosmic Healing Chi Kung.
Humors are considered a key indicator of vital health in Chinese medicine. If the fluids function, this indicates intact production and good supply of oxygen and nutrients to the organs, vital sexual energy and sufficient nutrient combustion. Overall, a good hydration of the body provides information about the vitality of a person.

The Golden Elixir, also known as nectar, is the source or the water of life. It is a mixture of saliva, hormonal fluids and external essences. From an alchemical point of view, however, this is much more than just an external material process; Rather, the coagulation of spirituality is integrated into matter, which raises it to a higher level of existence.

Taoists believe that this elixir is a great transformer for the higher, spiritual work. The Golden Elixir should be able to cure diseases that grant immortality. Some Taoist texts recommend swallowing saliva up to 1,000 times a day for mental work and healing. In the practice presented by Grandmaster Mantak Chia, only recently public exercises are performed that carry flowery names, such as ‘The dragon fixes the pearl’ ‘The silk spin and the leg swing’ or ‘Harvesting the Golden Earth Medicine’.

Grandmaster Mantak Chia

The Chinese Grandmaster Mantak Chia grew up in Thailand. He was taught meditation and Asian martial arts (TaiChi, Aikido, boxing techniques) from an early age.
Mantak Chia founded and continuously developed the extensive Universal Healing Tao© System and teaches on all continents, as well as through numerous online programmes. 

The latest scientific findings are always integrated into his teaching material. He has now written over 60 books, either alone or with co-authors, which have been translated into many languages. He has been giving courses in Germany since 1988 and founded a large health and training resort, the Tao Garden, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Universal Healing Tao© System creates a solid foundation for unfolding one’s spiritual potential by learning to nurture and heal oneself. By re-establishing a direct connection with the natural energies that surround us, a subtle awareness emerges that is necessary for spiritual progress. Ultimately, the limitations of the physical body are overcome through the development of the soul and spirit body.

“Through self-healing, the healer is born. Once the energy channels, the meridians, are opened and the energies of the internal organs are harmonised, this unique integrated energy is available to heal others. A limitless healing power becomes available to benefit all.”